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Friday, April 22, 2011

Garden Journal Mini Album

My mom is an avid gardener. I am an avid scrapper. I also just got a bind-it-all and the Mariposa DCWV stack. So what happens? A garden journal mini album!

 The green ribbon is attached to the back cover so that even when it is untied to open the journal the ribbon won't fall off or get lost.
 Cards in the envelope are for keeping notes on when seedlings are started and when things are planted in the garden.
I love this page. The last tag in each stack in attached to the paper. The others are just held together with the brads. This allows them to be fanned out or stacked. My though with this page was that she could take notes on bugs that attacked the veggies and how she delt with them.

The secction that says seed notes is an accordion fold that pulls out into 6 square boxes for taking notes on seeds.

The tags are attached and can be used for notes and the envelope on the right page can be used to store notes or to hold pictures of the garden.

You always need a place to store Misc info!

A final page for more notes and an envelope to keep pictures of the garden and her favorite flowers.

The end (with a nice pocket for a few more notes or pictures).

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  1. very cute...I have a bind-it all and have never learned to use it!